Our History

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Dedicated to quality partnerships

For more than a decade, Anthony and Jay have had one goal: to work with selected partners to offer the most reliable and innovative wholesale signage solutions in New Zealand.
We believe that good business is based on people who take pride in their work. Our promise is that we will deliver only our best work for our customers’ brands.
We have built an outstanding name for ourselves based on the use of the latest technology, our total commitment to quality and our reputation for professional partnerships with our clients.
We understand the value of a brand and work tirelessly to enhance the brands serviced by our customers.
We appreciate that there is no compromise when it comes to delivering precision work according to specification and always on time.

Our Approach

Our expertise in specialist signage has been built up over many years, and we are often called in to consult on signage design and manufacturing best practice.

Our clients include large-scale retail branding houses, advertising agencies, retail and commercial giants, and those corporations seeking highly specialised branding work.

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Equipment

Our Values

We have built our skills, our equipment, and our reputation on a set of values that guides our decisions and behaviours:
We take great pride in our work as individuals and as a company. We ensure that anything we do exceeds expectations, whatever it takes.
We always deliver on what we promise in terms of standards, products, time, price and service.
We respect and develop mutual, high-trust relationships with our customers and with our staff.